Our materials, the building blocks of this debut collection, are core to our identity as a brand. It’s simple—you can’t have a great dish without great ingredients. And it’s impossible to create cycling kit for a better without great materials.

Our goal is to improve the experience of riding for the individual rider through extremely refined apparel for cycling. To do that, we needed to find the best materials available. We put to use a deep familiarity with the cycling industry as we scoured for top-notch manufacturers, refused to compromise on the quality of our fabrics. If something didn’t tick all of the boxes we had for the needs of a garment, you won’t see it in our shop. Next, we worked with these manufacturers to dial in the materials specifically for our designs.


For many of our products, we combine multiple materials with a high degree of intentionality to enhance functionality or fit. This allows us to create greater weather protection in some areas, with greater breathability or elasticity in others. For example, many of our jerseys are created with a perforated mesh material on the back panel to allow for heat and moisture exchange, without leaving the rider vulnerable to the elements.

Our base layers and the Eugéne collection are made with top quality merino wool, blended with more elastane to create a more modern fabric that meets the demands of today’s cyclist.




For our Ernest jerseys we use different materials on the front panel and back panel, as well as the arms. The material on the arms allows for a taper that creates a secure, snug fit that lasts. And the front panel offers more protection from the elements, while the perforated mesh is highly comfortable and breathable.

We combine two highly technical fabrics for our bib shorts to achieve the perfect balance of comfort, breathability and elasticity. Even though they feel lightweight and have excellent stretch, the fabrics offer a high degree of thermoregulation, making them perfect in a range of conditions. The padding material puts to use recent innovations to pull moisture away from the skin and expel it outward for comfort and prevention of sore spots.



The list goes on. These materials are not easy to find and they come at a cost, but after riding in the kit that we’ve made, we know that these decisions make possible something truly special.

When the materials are selected and the designs are finished, we take great care to ensure durability. If the color fades or the garment falls apart after use, it’s not a great piece. We dye and wash our fabrics in small Italian factories so that we can ensure these fabrics have the exact color and feel that we’re looking for. More importantly, they’ll retain that color and feel throughout the lifespan of the product.

As a promise, we’re committed to using the best materials available without compromise, we work personally with the factories to dial them in, we design to maximize the potential of these materials, and we treat them with care to ensure they maintain quality for the rider.



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