We have created a collection that is deeply rooted in our Scandinavian design traditions, all combined with the finest Italian craftsmanship. Our collection is made from premium materials, ensuring optimal breathability and comfort while presenting aesthetic appeal and clean lines.

Meet an isolés - Mikael Kyneb finds his way out of the darkness

It's a little chilly this morning - A little chilly and gray, but Copenhagen is pulsing. The traffic is intense, and it feels like there's roadwork everywhere. One train after another departs from Østerbro Station, and the sound of metal against the rails is clear.

Meet an isolés

The development of isolés products is inspired by many years in the saddle. Whether you're riding in winter clothing or the lightest summer outfit, you can be sure that we have been there and know what it takes for you to be comfortable and enjoy your ride.


As cyclists, we have a unique connection to nature. The roads we ride on take us through beautiful landscapes and bring us in close contact with our surroundings. From the front row seat, we can see how our way of life impacts the environment and how significant it is for the climate.

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