Mød en isolés - Viktor Thorup og hans odyssé på isen

Meet an isolés - Viktor Thorup and his odyssey on the ice

It is summer in Utah. We find ourselves in the Midwest, and here, the temperature can easily reach 40 degrees in the middle of the day. 
The capital, Salt Lake City, lies in a valley bordered by the Wasatsh Mountains to the north and east, and the Oquirrh Mountains to the west.
The landscape is enchanting, bordering on magical, and here lies the world's fastest ice skating rink.
This is where world records are set.

Mød en isolés - Johan Sahlin, Magnus Äppelryd og den svenske sjæl

Meet an isolés - Johan Sahlin, Magnus Äppelryd and the Swedish soul

The calendar says spring, and there is a little bit of spring in the air in the Swedish Scania. Not exactly spring as the pros enjoy it in Southern Europe, but spring as we all know it from Scandinavia. Freezing cold in the morning and blue skies during the day. Johan Sahlin and Magnus Äppelryd - the founders of the Swedish niche watch brand Bravur - are sitting in a cozy cafe on the harbor in Båstad. Magnus with an espresso - Johan with a cappuccino.
Mød en isolés - Mikael Kyneb finder sin vej ud af mørket

Meet an isolated person - Mikael Kyneb finds his way out of the darkness

It's a little cold this morning - A little cold and grey, but Copenhagen is pulsating. The traffic is intense while it feels like there are roadworks everywhere. One train after another departs from Østerbro Station and the sound of the iron hitting the rails is clear. It's February - and everything looks a bit sad after a long winter, but not even a cold, gray February can take away the beauty from Copenhagen.
isolés & friends - Vejle

isoles & friends - Vejle

It is early Sunday after New Year. Just outside Vejle on top of the impressive Munkebjerg, 9 riders will meet for the first time in 2022. The memories of New Year's celebrations are already fading, like the surrounding forest in the fog. The thoughts are now on cycling, and a cup of coffee and croissant to lift the spirits on this humid morning.
Det her er mit Paris-Roubaix / Det her er mit isolés

This is my Paris-Roubaix / This is my isoles

It is early Sunday morning in Valenciennes in the French department of Nord - close to the Belgian border. The hotel exudes atmosphere and French style. A bit like being in an old movie. A rider sits at the breakfast table getting ready, just like they did 125 years ago. There are freshly baked baguettes and croissants in the bread basket, and local French cheese and homemade blueberry jam are on display. Freshly squeezed orange juice and strong espresso in the French way help to complete this meal.
Mød en isolés - Jesper Grundahl og musikken

Meet an isolés - Jesper Grundahl and the music

It is a classic late summer day in North Zealand. So classic in that fickle way. The sun still has power, but fights intensely with the clouds - with more or less violent showers as a result. It is still warm, slightly humid and then with that special scent of new late summer rain in the air.
Mød en isolés - Gabriel Enamorado og Joshua træet

Meet an isolés - Gabriel Enamorado and the Joshua tree

Gabriel Enamorado has packed the car and is off on an adventure. Away from everyday life in Los Angeles.
As so many times before, Gabriel has set his course for the Joshua Tree Desert - the national park in southeastern California. Characterized by the completely unique tree - The Joshua Tree.
Mød en isolés - Mads Christensen og de lange ture

Meet an isolés - Mads Christensen and the long trips

It is 5.45 and it is pitch black outside. The temperature says a low 4 degrees on this dark and gray December morning. One of those mornings when it is only the colorful and sometimes tasteless Christmas lights that light up around the small towns.

Mads Christensen is getting ready for a trip he has been preparing for for a few weeks now - a 335 km Gravel trip around Fyen starting from his home in Gårslev south of Vejle.

Mød en isolés - Wassim Hallal og Michelin stjernerne

Meet an isolés - Wassim Hallal and the Michelin stars

You can compare the atmosphere in a busy kitchen with the atmosphere before a classic. Everyone is focused, hardworking, knowing that soon their efforts will be put to the test.
Beretning fra en isolés - Hvordan det hele startede

Account from an isolés - How it all started

For me, cycling is about having fun.

When you start some kind of sport as a child, it's usually because you think it's fun. At one point or another, the dream of becoming the best in the sport you play, be it cycling or football, comes. If there is cycling, then you dream of riding the Tour de France, the classics and the world championships. After a few years, you usually face reality and realize that you are not going to become a professional or ride the Tour de France. What we have left is the joy of cycling.

Tilbage til begyndelsen

Back to the beginning

Tuscany was the place for my first experience of the feeling of isolation. I immediately fell in love with the landscape, the soft hills and the sharp climbs around San Baronto. An individual experience of newborn freedom. The fulfillment of a boyhood dream had led me here, as I was selected to drive for the then well-known U23 Finauto Yomo Sport Team.
Kærlighed til detaljen

Love for the detail

Ask any rider how he feels about his gear and he'll tell you about all the little things. The pocket that sits in exactly the right place. The comfortable collar. Or the elasticity of the sleeve. Sometimes it's the little details that you don't notice. Like seams that don't scratch, a zipper that never gets stuck or bib shorts that stay exactly where they should.

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