Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions:

Prior to entering into an agreement with you concerning the purchase of an item, you are hereby being made aware pursuant to the rules of the Danish Consumer Contracts Act of the following circumstances: 

The most important characteristics of the item, which are described in your order overview immediately before you pay for the item. 

The total price for the item is in addition shown by selecting the tab for the item concerned at www.isoles.com (see also the present terms and conditions under the point: ’prices’). 

With respect to the Consumer Contracts Act, you may annul your purchase within 30 days of receiving your item. Terms and conditions, deadlines and procedures for exercising the right to annul appear below under the point: ’right to annul and return’. When annulling a purchase, you can use the standard annulment form that is provided in appendix 1 to the present terms and conditions. 

That the rules of the Danish Sale of Goods Act for deficiencies apply to your purchase.


All prices on our Web site, and thereby also our Web shop, are specified in EUR and include 25 % VAT. The applicable price for an item is the price that is specified on the Web site on the day of the order. 


When you place an order at the Web shop, you will see an order confirmation displayed on the screen with your order number, name and address, the delivery address and an overview of the items you ordered. We recommend that you print out and save this, because it may be relevant in connection with an exchange, annulment or complaint. As soon as we have registered your order, a final order confirmation will be generated that will be sent to you by E-mail. We ask that you also save this.

Then you order from isoles.com you deal with:
isolés A/S
Søndergade 18B
DK-7100 Vejle
VAT: DK40324615


At isoles.com, we offer different possibilities for payment, so you are able to choose precisely which solution suits you best.

You select the payment method when you come to the checkout page.

Choose between:

  • Visa
  • Maestro
  • MasterCard

The amount will be withdrawn from your account when the order is sent from our warehouse.


At isolés A/S, we know how important it is to have a short delivery time. Hence all orders are shipped within 1-2 working days.

As soon as your order has left our warehouse, you will receive a confirmation by E-mail, which will inform you of your shipment as well as the reference number of the shipment. You will then be able to track your package up until when it reaches you.

Gift cards:

All gift cards will be send electronically and are valid in 5 years.

We ship with GLS (DK) and UPS, FEDEX and DHL for international deliveries. 

Denmark and Sweden:
Free shipping on all orders.
Delivery Time: 1-3 working days.

Rest of World:
Orders above €135 are free of charge.
Orders below €135 will be charged €15.
Delivery Time: 1-3 working days.

If you are not home when DHL attempts to deliver your package, they will make a second attempt the next day and then the package will be brought to the UPS office, where you can fetch it.

If you do not receive / fetch your package, it will be automatically returned to us and you will subsequently be refunded the full amount and a refund confirmation will be sent to you by E-mail.

Right to annul and return for normal consumer purchases:

According to the Consumer Contracts Act, you have the right to annul and return your purchase at the latest 30 days after you have received the item. The deadline of 30 days runs from the day when you receive the item in your physical possession.

If you would like to exercise your right to annul, then this must occur within the expiration of the deadline to annul of 30 days. You may possibly use the standard annulment form given in appendix 1 to the present terms and conditions (which is reproduced at the bottom of this page). You will lose your right to annul if this is not done before expiry of the deadline.

You are also being made aware that you are liable for any possible deterioration of the value of the item that is due to handling of the item that is other than what is necessary to establish the nature of the item, its characteristics and the manner in which it functions.

Returning of the item must occur at the latest 30 days after the date when you have given the notification to isolés A/S that you are exercising the right to annul – this deadline will be calculated in the same manner as specified above.

We offer easy return labels with all orders. Return charge is €10.

If you are not satisfied with your isolés purchase for any reason, you may return it within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. Use the attached DHL label for easy return.


Free return on all orders.

Return charge is €10.


If the item fulfils the requirements concerning the right to annul and return, then your money will be deposited back into your account at the latest 30 days from the date when you gave notice that you have annulled your purchase. isolés A/S reserves however the right withhold the purchase sum for the item until the item has been received back, or until you have submitted documentation that the item has been returned, depending entirely on which point in time is the earliest.

The returned products should we un-used and with original handtags and bags.

The amount you will be refunded comprises payment for the item concerned as well as any possible standard delivery costs.

You can annul a purchase by:

Serving notification of such to isolés A/S – for example via the standard annulment form (given in appendix 1 below), or refusing to receive the item 

Gift card:

Gift cards are valid 2 years from the date issued.

Right to make claims and complaints:

You have a right to make claims and complaints for 2 years on all products. This means that you cannot make claims for defects and omissions that appear more than 2 years after the item has been delivered. Any possible defects or omissions in the items received must be asserted within a reasonable period of time after they have been ascertained or ought to have been ascertained.

Returning of goods with defects and omissions, including in connection with repairs or exchanges, will occur at the expense and risk of isolés A/S. In connection with the return, you must inform isolés A/S of what the defect and/or omission consists of.

Every claim or complaint must be accompanied by an order confirmation and invoice.

We ask that you use the attached return label. All the address information will then be correct. You are also welcome to reuse the packaging that you received the item in.

If you have no return label, you can simply use the address:

Link Logistic A/S (isolés), Vesterballevej 13, DK-7100 Fredericia.

If the item was damaged when it was received, or if you have received the incorrect item, we also ask you to fill in the return form with the correct return code and send us the item within 30 days after you receive it.

Repairs and replacement delivery:

If the item is encumbered with defects and/or omissions, we reserve the right to remedy such within a reasonable period of time. If remediation is not possible, or if we deem it to be appropriate, we will undertake instead to deliver a new fault-free item after having received the defective item, and to cover any possible expenses you have incurred in connection with returning it. If neither repair nor replacement delivery is possible, we will instead refund the purchase sum and your documented expenses connected with the return.


isolés A/S assumes no liability beyond what appears from the above-mentioned points, and in no event may be held liable for indirect losses or consequential damages.

isolés A/S enters into all its agreements in Danish and under Danish law. When you make purchases at www.isoles.com the normal rules of Danish purchasing and contract law apply as well as the rules concerning consumer purchases. As a consumer you thus are protected by the applicable legislation in the area, i.e. primarily the Sale of Goods Act and the Consumer Contracts Act.

isolés A/S makes reservations for misprints in prices and item descriptions, price changes, VAT changes and governmental fee changes, sold-out or withdrawn items as well as delayed or deficient deliveries in consequence of force majeure events.

Confidentiality policy: 

The shop understands and respects the importance of privacy on the Internet. The shop will not disclose information about customers/users to third parties, unless such is necessary in order to implement a transaction. The shop will not sell your name, address, E-mail address, credit card number or personal data to any third party without your prior permission.

Complaints concerning isolés A/S:

If you wish to make a complaint concerning your purchase, you should direct an inquiry to isolés A/S (Attn.: ONLINE). 
If we are unsuccessful in finding a solution, you can submit a complaint to the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority's Centre for Complaint Resolution, Carl Jacobsens Vej 35, DK-2500 Valby, via www.forbrug.dk. You can also use the EU Commission's complaint portal, which will however primarily be relevant if you are a consumer residing outside Denmark. The complaint portal can be found here: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.

If a solution is not attained through the Centre for Complaint Resolution, a complaint can possibly be made to 

Danish Competition and Consumer Authority 
Attn.: Consumer Complaints Board 
Carl Jacobsens Vej 35
DK-2500 Valby

Telephone: (+45) 4171 5000
E-mail: kfst@kfst.dk

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