PFAS/PFC statement

At isolés, we guarantee that none of our products contain or are treated with fluorinated compounds, PFAS, or PFC.
We have a statement from our Italian supplier of cycling clothing, which we can present to the Environmental Agency at any time. The statement reads as follows:

Declaration of Fluorine-free Water Repellent Treatment

"The chemical products used for fluorine-free water repellent treatment are free from PFAS, PFOA, and PFOS substances."

What are PFAS and PFC?

PFAS, PFOA, PFOS, and PFC are all abbreviations for chemical substances that belong to a larger group of compounds called per and poly-fluoroalkyl substances.

  • PFAS: This is a general term for a large group of chemical compounds used for many purposes, including the waterproofing of textiles and food packaging. PFAS can be harmful to health and the environment and can accumulate in the environment and the body over time.
  • PFOA: This is a type of PFAS that was previously widely used to produce Teflon and other non-stick coatings. PFOA is considered harmful to health and the environment and has now been phased out in many countries.
  • PFOS: This is another type of PFAS previously used to produce firefighting foam and water-repellent coatings on textiles and paper. PFOS is also considered harmful to health and the environment and has been phased out in many countries.
  • PFC: This is an abbreviation for perfluorinated carbon substances, a subgroup of PFAS. PFCs are used for many purposes, including waterproofing textiles, carpets, and furniture to make them water- and stain-resistant. They have also been criticized for being harmful to health and the environment, and some have been phased out.

Overall, all of these substances are concerning because of their potential health and environmental risks. Therefore, it is a good idea to avoid them when possible. You can avoid contact with these substances by using cycling clothing from isolés.

You can always read more about these substances on the Environmental Agency's website.

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