Ask any rider how they feel about their kit, and they’ll mention the little things—the pocket in the perfect spot, the super comfortable collar, or the taper of the sleeve. Sometimes, it’s more about the little things you don’t notice, like seams that never rub, a zipper that never catches, or bib shorts that don’t move around on the leg.

It’s these little things that add up to a feeling, and that’s what makes a piece of cycling apparel truly special. For us, all of this means there can be no cutting corners, from design and fabric selection to construction and wear testing.




You can’t make great kit from poor materials, so we start by hand selecting the finest fabrics available. We put to use a deep knowledge of the cycling industry to find these premium fabrics. Whether its top-notch modern merino or perforated mesh, we select each fabric based on look, feel, elasticity, breathability, and durability. They’re dyed and washed in innovative Italian factories to ensure they maintain the exact look and feel that we give to our customers.

Great fabrics are only truly great when they’re selected with a destination in mind. We look for specific fabrics for distinct purposes. Think more ventilation on the back of the body, or more softness around sensitive skin like the neckline.

Our deep knowledge of cycling is even more essential to apparel design. Details like a reflective shoulder patch that’s best seen in the aero position, are things we can only think of while out riding. Great design often comes from the thought: well, I wish I had that right now. This cycling-informed design sense meets a refined, Scandinavian aesthetic and high-fashion sensibility that results in timeless, yet highly functional kit.



Construction of these pieces is done in small factories, mostly by hand, to ensure quality. This means that the fabrics we’ve selected can meet their full potential. The end result is fantastic cuts, comfortable seams, and durable cycling apparel.




Finally, the step we’ve had the most fun with. 
We refine our designs through hours of rigorous wear testing. We given pieces to the team that made isolés a reality, and as cyclists themselves, their reports were invaluable. We used the feedback to hone in on the small things that made this debut line something truly special. The friends we’ve shared it with since have also reported back, and the smiles from the saddle are all we needed to see.




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