Autumn Winter 22/23

Winter riding demands maximum attention to all details.
We have created the Autumn Winter 22/23 collection to meet these demands.

Meet an isolés - Mikael Kyneb finds his way out of the darkness

t's a little cold this morning, cold and grey, but Copenhagen is buzzing. The traffic is intense and it feels as if road works are everywhere.

One train after another departs from Østerbro Station, the hum of iron on rail cutting through the air.

Journey of an isolés

The development of isolés products is informed by years of cycle racing.
Whether you are riding in deep winter clothing or the lightest summer jersey, you can be certain that we have been there and know what is required in order for you to be comfortable and enjoy your ride.


As cyclists we have a unique connection to the outdoors. The roads we ride carry us through beautiful landscapes and bring us in close contact to the whims of mother nature. We can see first hand the effects of climate change on the environment.

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